Pound Fitness

Pound fitness is an ideal fat loss workout that combines aerobics, Pilates, and yoga with hitting the air to music with drum sticks, like those used by drummers in rock bands.

A new sports trend from California is Pound Fitness or Pound Fit, which uses rock music-although other genres with a high drum beat can be used while performing plyometric, isometric, Pilates, and yoga exercises are combined with the exercises offered in any aerobics class.

Pound Fitness is a great combination of disciplines in which muscles are worked as a whole and which can be adapted to the level of the practitioner, whether they have great physical endurance or is a beginner.

And that’s not all: we have to use the “pound” variant, or “hitting,” but not on another person, as is the case in contact sports such as boxing, but with two drumsticks in the air or between them, as drummers in a drum band do—Rock, which produces greater energy expenditure.

Origins of pound fitness and Ripstix drumsticks

Although there are several theories about the origin of pound fit, the most common one refers to a personal story: in 2010, a music-loving instructor used drumsticks to escape a breakup with her partner mentally, but when her stool broke, she decided to play an hour-long squat to the notes of Rage Against the Machine songs.

The next day, she felt so sore she could barely get off the couch. She and Kirsten Potenza, another former college athlete, found that the feeling was similar to what one feels after a Pilates workout, so they created an activity that combined exercise with their passion for rock.

So in 2011, they started developing exercise routines and gradually expanded the variety, creating Rockout, Workout program and designing special drum sticks called Ripstix.

Health benefits of pound fitness

Pound fitness is an exercise that brings significant improvements to those who practice it, as it is considered a total body activity; in fact, all major muscle groups work with it. The main health benefits of this type of workout are as follows:

  • Like Pilates, Pound Fit does similar work on the whole body, working for the different muscle groups, most notably the legs, buttocks, pectorals, arms, back, and shoulders.
  • Pound-Fit is a recommended exercise for anyone who wants to lose weight and achieve a “Body Ten.” Since this is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout, not only do you lose weight during the training sessions but also sometime later during the rest phase, which also occurs with the burpees so characteristic of CrossFit or HIIT routines.
  • You can burn about 900 calories per hour at high intensity, so you can reach your goals very quickly, provided you are consistent.
  • The overall coordination is enhanced by the smooth succession of movements involving multiple body parts at once. In addition, the speed with which the exercises are linked to Ripstix rods and the movements performed during the sessions give practitioners greater endurance, flexibility, and rhythm.
  • It helps lower cholesterol and hypertension and reduces the risk of diabetes. Pound fitness is an aerobic activity that can improve the processes that regulate these diseases.
  • Pound fitness can make a great contribution to injury prevention and recovery. It strengthens ligaments, tendons, and muscle fibers, improving the body’s ability to regenerate. This workout not only strengthens muscles but also helps relieve chronic pain. The treatment of injuries, of course, should always be practiced under the supervision of a physician or physical therapist.
  • It is an ideal activity for those who want to improve their core, as the abdominal area is constant throughout the session.
    Concentration is another aspect that benefits from Pound Fit. This is because you must perform a series of fast movements to music without losing concentration.
  • Psychologically, it is a source of benefits, as exercise releases substances such as endorphins, which combat depressive states or simple temporary sadness and feelings of anxiety; it also reduces stress and helps clear the mind of negative thoughts.

Tips for practicing Pound-Fitness

To practice Pound-Fitness, you need to be consistent with your physical condition. Whether in a gym with specialized instructors or at home alone, you should adapt the length of the session and the intensity of the exercises to the individual’s capabilities.

Since this is a continuous exercise done in sessions of about 45 minutes, it is necessary to analyze what you can and cannot do. The most important thing is to stay put after a session and not do it again.

Suppose there is any doubt about whether Pound Fit can be practiced. In that case, it is essential to consult a doctor or physical therapist, depending on the problem, and to ask an expert to assess previous health status, state the exact risks for each person, and give advice on the level and comfort of training.

What if you want to avoid purchasing drumsticks or Ripstix? These small solutions do not work as well, but they are cheaper and can help in the first few sessions until you have determined whether this is the right exercise. Look for alternatives. From traditional drumsticks to two round-handled wooden cooking spoons, to name two examples.

The keys to doing book fitness at home

The Internet is the perfect ally for those who want to learn pound fitness at home because there are dozens of videos with choreographed routines. Although there are better learning situations than this (it is always best to take a few classes at the gym or with a personal trainer first), you can make great progress.

If you have decided not to attend a gym and learn on your own at home, you need to be careful and consider these factors to make your Pound Fit workout at home a success:

  • Choosing the right music for the exercises is one of the most important aspects; it is important that it is a tune in which the sound of the drums is audible and that the rhythm is not too slow; this is why rock music is usually used, as there are many sharp drum rhythms. It is also a good idea to have different rhythms within a song or between two songs so that there are high-pitched moments.
  • Another important element is deciding what exercises to do and how long. This is where the work of the gym supervisor is most important. It is important always to adapt the workout to your physical level. If you work out at home, look for exercises that work the whole body evenly, even if you don’t like some. If you are still determining your fitness level, it is best to start with 20-25 minute sessions to test your endurance and then increase it to 45 minutes, at least three times a week.
  • You need to create a comfortable space that is large enough and does not get in the way of movement.
  • Be honest with yourself. One of the hardest things about training is sticking to the program, doing all the exercises, even the ones you don’t like, performing them with interest, and honing your technique; to do this, you need to be demanding of yourself, not cheat. Remember that goals are only achieved with effort and dedication.
  • It is never advisable to practice Pound-Fit at home if the goal is to recover from an injury. If you do not rely on specialists, the injury may worsen through ignorance.