Finding A Job After 50

Being unemployed is a concern for everyone, especially those over 50. However, with a positive attitude and these practical tips, finding a job at this age is possible.

Unemployment is a serious social problem, and although it is not related to age, as it affects young and old alike, people over 50 have a harder time dealing with unemployment.

Apart from the economic consequences, unemployment at this age can lead to several other problems and social exclusion. When a person is out of work in the years just before retirement, they usually have to take on responsibility:

  • Family responsibilities.
  • The shift in the job market.
  • Few resources for a job interview.
  • Outdated knowledge and education.
  • Low mood and lack of self-confidence.

Right attitude when looking for work at age 50

No one is saying that finding a job is easy, especially when you are no longer at the age where “anything is possible” but have several responsibilities that require an economic income. It is possible to find a job when you are over 50, but you must approach the search with optimism and an open mind.

Many people who experience this situation come from long-term employment relationships in which they had a set routine and certain work habits that they do not want to give up; however, the world of work is constantly changing, forcing the unemployed to open up and be flexible and change certain ideas:

Type of contract: Permanent contracts are no longer the predominant contracts, so be bold and accept another contract, provided you confirm that the terms are favorable to you.

Experience is only sometimes the deciding factor: even if you find it difficult, you may be able to deal with a younger boss. They may have more work experience, but today’s young people are very well educated, which puts them in positions of responsibility. Don’t let this take away your pride; you can certainly learn a lot from them.

Work only “in your own business”: Even if you have the experience of having worked in a certain industry for 20 years, it does not mean you do not have the necessary skills to perform other jobs. So if you are still looking for a job that matches your experience, consider looking in other sectors. You may even be surprised and find your true calling.

Forget the shame: there are people who, when they reach a certain age, take the approach, “Where am I going with my years? This negative attitude only closes the doors to possible career opportunities. Feel free to tell your acquaintances that you are looking for a job because you never know where you will find it or who can facilitate your search.

Age as a measure of experience: Don’t consider the years a burden, but a quality that not everyone can offer. So appreciate what you have learned throughout your professional life – and your personal life – and show it openly.

Tips for searching and finding a job at age 50

Job portals are an effective means of finding a job, but the demand is so high that despite your experience and perfect profile, you may not qualify when companies filter by age. Therefore, even if you try your luck on these portals, it is necessary to use other ways to look for a job:

Your contacts book, your best info jobs

You have maintained professional relationships with many people in your industry and others you can name throughout your professional life. The most popular and sometimes the most effective way is to approach acquaintances for possible jobs. An active, positive attitude that puts pride aside can reopen the doors to the world of work for you.

Another way to connect with acquaintances or former work colleagues is through social networks, especially those specializing in work, such as LinkedIn, which will help you re-establish interesting professional relationships.

If you are not used to going on the Internet, ask a family member or friend to help you, or search directly on Google for “create a LinkedIn account” and follow the steps. In addition to finding people you know, you can easily and directly contact companies and recruiters.

Unemployed at 50 – maybe it’s time to start a business

Perhaps you are one of the many people who have always wanted to start their own business or devote themselves to what they enjoy but are tied to another job due to various circumstances. If your current situation allows, it may be time to devote yourself to what truly motivates you.

Contact your employment office to find out what steps you need to take to register as self-employed and to find out if you can get help opening your own business.

Suppose you don’t dare to start from scratch. In that case, there are currently many companies that hire freelancers for commercial and telesales tasks with flexible working hours, among others, which can be a good work alternative that allows you to stay active and earn an income while looking for other professional activities that interest you more.

Babysitter abroad

Another option that is becoming more common, especially in Europe, is offering the services of an au-pair or caregiver. It is an activity that has always been associated with students and young people looking for financial support during their studies.

Still, more and more over-45s are turning to families to care for their children. It’s a way to stay professionally active while traveling and experiencing other cultures.

Institutions specializing in job placement

Both specialized employment agencies and certain associations and foundations are dedicated to helping people find work and integrate into the workforce. So if you are struggling, contact these institutions.


Finding a job after 50 can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The key is to stay positive and to keep looking. There are plenty of employers out there who are looking for experienced workers, so keep going. You’re sure to find the right job with a little effort.